Do Angels Have Wings?

I talk a lot about angels and how they are not up in the sky; angels are here on earth surrounding us. After explaining this, I am often asked if angels really do have wings. The short answer is yes, they do, but not always!

Angels can appear in many different forms. They do not need wings to fly, but we as humans often associate angels with having wings, so sometimes, they do appear in that form so they can communicate something to us.

This story is about a winged angel I saw while I was out with a group of friends. One of those friends had a grandmother whom she had been close with but had passed away sometime before, and I knew the winged angel I saw was my friend’s grandmother. These deceased loved ones who remain with us on earth have told me they are called spirit guides. This particular angel spirit guide had great big wings, and she used them to fly after and watch over her granddaughter. It was a unique experience for me to see this winged angel, because, more often than not, angels don’t show themselves as having wings. 

When I got home that night, I told my husband about the angel. He asked me if I had ever seen winged angels before. “Only once,” I told him, “but angels can appear in many different forms, and those forms help me understand who they are. The last spirit guide I saw with wings was of Catholic faith, or at least that was the faith she belonged to while she was living in her body on earth, so seeing an angel with wings can help me determine who I am seeing and speaking to.”

In this case, it was a little more unusual, because I knew my friend wasn’t Catholic. However, when my husband asked me if my friend’s grandmother had been Catholic when she was alive, something clicked into place that I hadn’t remembered until that moment: my friend had indeed told me once that her grandmother was Catholic.

Because those in the Catholic faith often associate angels with having wings, it could be that them taking on this form in the afterlife is a way for them to describe that they are specifically Catholic angels. 

I really don’t think we have to worry about whether or not angels have wings. Each angel takes on its own form, and that form is just another one of the many ways that angels communicate with those of us who can see them, and those forms are often used to convey symbols or meaning. 

If you feel like angels are sharing images or messages with you, write those messages down! It may take a while, but eventually, you just may learn who it is that’s sharing them with you.

Do you have any angel wing stories or angel messages? If so, post about them in the comments below, or email your story to so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course). Thank you so much!

Angel Retreat & Events

The past few weeks have been filled with amazing events. I have been able to meet so many new people and have new experiences. Last month I had the chance to host my first Angel Retreat in the beautiful snowy mountains of Utah! Nine incredible women from various states including Arizona, California, and Texas, came to spend three days and four nights. It was an unforgettable experience to share with such amazing women. We knew right away that we were there to grow and learn from each other.

The retreat began with an introduction to my past and an offer view of what the retreat is going to entail. The first day we went through angels 101 which explains basic information about angels, The purpose of angels and how to recognize all of them anyways angels are helping us in our daily lives. As we progressed through day two we began to dive deeper into the rest of the workshops. “Empowering You” is a series of seven classes focusing on the power of divine guidance, learning to trust your intuition, speak your truth and connect with your power and your purpose.

During this retreat, we were also very blessed to have my sweet friend and chef, Jolynn, cook the most delicious food for us, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus dessert). So very grateful for her! The entire experience was amazing. We created friendships that will last a lifetime and learned powerful life lessons. My heart will never be the same!

angel retreat michell powers

I am currently developing an online course to be released soon that will cover "Angels 101" and the complete "Empowering You" series. This will be available for purchase online and you will be able to access the course content anytime. This will allow me to help so many more people by sharing and teaching the messages of angels with all of you.

This past weekend, I was blessed to be a featured speaker at Oneness For Human Triumph, hosted by @ONE in Sedona, Arizona. Over 12 well renowned and influential speakers from around the world shared their life experiences. It was inspiring to hear so many real-life stories that have impacted so many lives and continue to spread the message of unconditional love. Some of the topics discussed were about near-death experiences and messages from the other side. The audience was very curious about what I had to say, especially during my individual classes and breakout sessions. I had an amazing time connecting with so many new and kind people and experiencing the love of all the angels and everyone there. Please read more Angel Stories. Also, please see more about my Events, as I will be traveling to speak in Scotland in coming months.

human triumph


I am excited to participate in more events throughout the year and plan future Angel Retreats! I would love to see you there! Best wishes and love as always!

- Michell Powers

Angels Honor Sunrise

Angels spend time honoring each new day just as many of us do.

During a recent vacation to Hawaii, I took a short walk down to the beach just before sunrise. On that walk, I was reminded, as I often am, how beautiful angels are to witness. As I approached the beach just as the sun was cresting above the horizon, I noticed three angels standing at the water’s edge. Even though I see angels all the time, this particular sight still caught me off guard.

It was so beautiful to see them standing there with their silhouettes adjacent to the horizon. I didn’t want to interrupt them, so I asked my own angels what they were doing. My angels responded by telling me the other three were honoring the sunrise as all angels do in order to appreciate each new day.

Angels can speak to us in many ways. In my particular case, I can see angels, and I know what they show me is important. It is a reminder that we each have an opportunity every single day to start over and try to do better.

Please enjoy this painting by artist Lesha Lord. It represents the exact location in Lanikai, Hawaii where this event took place. Email and we will notify you when the prints are available.



Have you ever felt like no matter what happened the day before, you had an opportunity to honor a new day and make a fresh start? Feel free to post your story in our comments below or to email it to so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course).

How Angels Rush In

Angels are surrounding us and they want to help us; all we have to do is ask. The help these angels provide can be instant, no matter where we are or what we are doing with our lives. Because of the love, understanding, and greater knowledge that angels possess, they will always come to our aid in the times when we need them most.

Here is a personal story that highlights the perfect example of just how quickly and easily angels come to us when we need them most. A short time ago, I went hiking with my husband, Shiloh, and my son, Dylan, in a nearby canyon. Everyone was having a good time. After our hike, we had a nice campfire, roasted s’mores, and then started packing up our gear into the truck.

Suddenly, Dylan collapsed, landing flat on his face on the pavement. Shiloh quickly picked him up and saw that Dylan’s eyes were rolled back in his head—he appeared lifeless. Draped over his father’s arms like a rag doll, the fear that we had lost him had began to set in.

In a sheer panic, Shiloh shook Dylan and tried to wake him. We yelled for someone to call 911, but we were up a canyon, and there weren’t a lot of people around. Eventually, someone heard our cries and said they had been able to get enough service to call an ambulance.

Since it would have taken at least 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, Shiloh quickly laid Dylan in the car. At that moment, I prayed to God in my mind and I yelled out loud , “ANGELS, PLEASE HELP US.” I didn’t know what else I could do. Just then, as my husband ran around the truck to the drivers side, I heard my son’s voice speak calmly from inside the car. “I’m okay,” he said, and then he sat up.

What felt like hours of unrelenting fear was quickly replaced by an overwhelming feeling of love for my son, and I knew the angels had come to our aid—they had provided us with instant peace. My husband and I both hugged our son, then we got into the truck and drove down the canyon to the emergency room to get Dylan checked out.

During the drive, Shiloh was still thinking about the instant response from the angels I called upon and asked me if angels can really work that quickly—was it possible that Dylan would have awoken anyway? I told him what I felt when I asked for help, and what I still know to be true: there are always a certain number of angels around us, and they will help us, but when I asked in that specific instance, I felt a whoosh of additional angels come to our aid. The angels that normally surrounded me knew I needed further help in that moment. So, I told him, the answer is yes—angels really can work that quickly.

When we arrived at the hospital, it was quite crowded. We spent most of the time on a bed in the hallway of the emergency room. Dylan had no remembrance of the situation up the canyon; he was calm and kept saying he was okay. After every test, he checked out fine and we were relieved.

I know that our angels are there for us, and they want to help in any way they can; they are a simple cry for help away. I know this because I can see them and feel them, and they tell me when they reach out to help. In situations like the one my family was in up the canyon, we have to do everything we can, and that includes the physical call to 911 as well as the spiritual call to our angels. There is no situation too big or too small for an angel. Asking is easy, and it takes no time at all. You can ask in your mind, or you can ask out loud—it doesn’t matter. There is no special way to ask. The angels will always hear you.

As I think back to that situation in the canyon, I remember that moment when I thought I had lost my son. Although I would never had wished for that experience, my husband and I will never forget the love and support we received that day.

I realize things don’t turn out the way we may want them to, many times for reasons we don’t understand or can’t control. But if we do everything we can and it still isn’t enough, we can receive extra support from our angels, and we must be willing to ask for and accept that help. Our angels will always be there for us.

Have you ever asked for and received immediate support from angels rushing in? Feel free to post your story in our comments below or to email so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course)!

At Home With an Angel

Our deceased friends and loved ones can often help us.

Many years ago, after 5 years of marriage, we moved in ​to a fairytale home. It was made all of stone, and it was built in 1860. This home was very special and well-cared for. We bought it from the children who grew up in the home after both their had parents passed away; their parents had​ ​moved into the house in the 1930s and spent the rest of their lives there.

As my husband and I were beginning our journey in this home, I experienced my first miscarriage. It was a very difficult time for me, and I didn’t feel like I had the full support I needed. That night, while lying in bed, I felt the previous owner of the home with me. I had seen her as a spirit in the home many times before—she loved being there because the house had been such a huge part of her life—but when she came to me this time, she comforted me in a way I had not been comforted before. She told me how she understood what I was going through, as she herself had experienced many miscarriages. This brought me solace, and I was able to sleep better with the love and support this angel provided.

The next day, I went to the home of one of the angel's daughter. I told her about the experience of her mother coming to me the previous night and helping me through my miscarriage. Her daughter told me she wasn’t surprised, that, in fact, her mother did have many miscarriages in that very home, and there would have been no one more understanding about the pain of a miscarriage than her mother.

This was one of many experiences I have had with the angels of our ​l​oved ones who have crossed over. In this case, I had never met the angel who had helped me while she was here on earth, but still, she cared enough to help me with my pain.

We all have angels that surround us; they are our friends, our family, and even others we might not have physically known but who still understand what we are going through and want to comfort us in our most troubled times.

Have you had experiences with angels comforting you? Feel free to post your story ​​in our comments below or to email so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course)!


This is the Place

Heaven is here! Heaven surrounds us on earth, and all the angels and spirits that ever were are here surrounding us. They admire many of the same things we admire.

Several years back, my husband, myself, and a couple of our friends headed up to a local monument here in Utah. I had told them about some of my angelic friends that I had often seen at that monument before.

The property surrounding the monument had a large home on it that was a sort of museum. I particularly loved visiting the home, as it had spectacular views that I really enjoyed. However, when we arrived the building, we discovered it had just closed. My husband was disappointed, so we walked along the porch that wrapped around the outside and peeked in the windows.

As we returned the front steps and began to descend, my husband said, “I guess we missed out; let’s go.” But then I then told him about the two angels just to the left of us on the porch. He and our friends were so excited; they wanted to know why the angels were there. The two angels told me they had both lived in the home at different points in the past. One was a woman who had been married to the gentleman who once owned the home, and the other had been a caretaker for the home. The angels enjoyed spending time there and told me they were admiring the lovely view that looked out over the whole Salt Lake Valley.

We stayed there for quite a while, and we all asked them several more questions about their pasts. The angels could hear my friends’ questions, and I, in turn, could communicate the angels’ responses.

For me, the most important part concerning this experience was learning about how we do take things with us when we depart our physical bodies. We take our spirit and all the knowledge it contains into the afterlife. As angels, we love and admire the same things we loved on earth.

Have you ever felt or seen angels around admiring the same things you admire? Feel free to post your story in our comments below or to email us at so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course).

A Native American Chief Angel

Oftentimes, when spirits show themselves to me, they have some pretty interesting ways of getting my attention. This was certainly the case when I once saw a spirit riding a horse on a summer afternoon in central Utah.

It all started when my family and I were helping a friend build a treehouse on his 200-acre property. My husband, Shiloh, is a builder, and he often helps friends with recreational projects like this on the weekends. When we arrived, we found that our friend had set up a nice canvas tent for us to stay in. We spent a lovely evening with our friends reminiscing and catching up.

The next morning, Shiloh and his friends began building the treehouse, and by nightfall, they had a good portion of the project done. The structure wasn’t actually in a tree, but it felt like it was because it sat on the edge of a very steep hillside. The view was absolutely spectacular; when you climbed the rope up to the deck, you could look out over the entire valley, and you could see mountain after mountain covered with beautiful pine trees.

That night, after we spent some time around the campfire with our friends, we retired to bed in the beautiful canvas tent, complete with a wooden floor. However, we didn’t get much sleep that night because the wind was howling and the fear of a tree falling and crushing us was always in the back of our minds as we lay there with a mere piece of canvas fabric above us, but we were grateful to emerge unscathed the next day.

The guys got back to work on the treehouse early in the morning, and by the time I walked down there, they already had the roof on—when my husband sets his mind to something, he goes all in. He was just as excited to finish the project as the kids were.

As I was walking around the hillside and looking at the breathtaking view, I noticed the spirit of a Native American chief in a full headdress riding a beautiful white horse. I saw him in full color. The headdress was long with many feathers and ornaments—it was simply stunning.

He was probably the most beautiful spirit I have ever seen, and this was certainly the first time I had ever seen a spirit on a horse. I was so thankful for this moment. The spirit of the chief told me that he was there watching over his sacred land. I was worried about the treehouse we were constructing and if it was okay that we were building there. When I asked him about this, he said he was very pleased that we cared for this same beautiful setting and that we loved and appreciated the land.

I was able to share this experience with Shiloh and the others. Of course, no one saw what I saw, but they said they could certainly feel the presence when I told them; we all agreed with the spirit chief; this was certainly the most beautiful spot to look out over the valley.

It is experiences like these when I am so truly appreciative of my gift. It is an incredible honor to have any opportunity to share what it is like in the afterlife. I love knowing that angels are here with us and they care about how we treat this earth and can attempt to preserve it for those that come after us.

Have you felt like you have ever done something for our earth that maybe no one else will ever notice? Well, guess what? Our angels notice! Feel free to post your story in our comments below or email it to so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course)!

The Healing Power of Pets

Did you know our pets do more than cheer us up? They can help us heal! I have witnessed the healing power of pets through countless family, friends and loved ones. Their lives are simple giving them extra focus on our happiness. When a pet jumps on your lap or brushes by your side, they are literally pulling negative energy from you. Their happy nature and unconditional love can help heal our spirit.

Years ago, while my husband was away on a trip, I adopted a puppy! I named her Elove (el-o-vee), after the word love and my children instantly fell in love with her.

When the man of the house returned, he was not happy about our new four-legged family member. Not at all, and was not afraid to let me know it! He was concerned about potential accidents and the extra work required to care for a pet. Our hearts were set. We weren’t going to take her back and my husband grudgingly accepted the fact that we were now dog owners.

Months went by…

As Elove grew bigger and stronger, so did her love for everyone. Occasionally, I’d witness her jump onto my husband’s lap only to be pushed away. She never gave up. One day it dawned on me…

I never told my husband about Elove’s special gift and how our pets heal us. I explained to him that they are here to bless our lives and bring us happiness, not burden us. When they hop on our laps or lean against us, they pull the negative energy out of us. When we pet them, we release that negative energy that they pulled from us. It the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Since telling my husband the true purpose these fuzzy little creatures serve in our lives, his relationship with Elove has changed for the better! Now when she jumps up on daddy’s lap, he no longer pushes her aside. He enjoys her company and I can honestly say that loves this little animal.

So pay attention the next time your pet is around, and notice how they react to you. When you look into their eyes, you can see what pure and simple love looks like. We are infinitely more blessed by having pets in our lives.

Escape from Suffering

A sobering reality of this mortal experience we’re sharing is physical pain, suffering, and ultimately death. Around the world we see this tragic scene played out before our eyes as loved ones deteriorate, or innocent lives are claimed through the cruel and callous actions of others. Many ask the question, “Why would a loving creator allow such suffering to unfold on a large scale?” The truth is in fact beautiful, and comforting to those who seek understanding and enlightenment beyond this spiritual plane.

It has been said that the spirit detaches from the body during or leading up to traumatic events. In fact, this is absolutely true! Our spirits actually do leave our bodies before tragic events. This often happens moments before a person’s body actually dies. Because God loves us, he doesn’t allow us to feel the pain or suffering in the events leading up to our death.

Throughout my life I have had the sacred privilege of working with people who have lost loved ones, leading to a deeper understanding of how God works. One event I remember particularly well was with a client who had lost his mom. It had been years since she had passed, from a violent rape and murder. As you can imagine, he had endured constant pain and mourning over the course of several years since his mother’s death.

During our time together, his mom shared a message with me about the events surrounding her death. In her words, she described the miraculous events which took place, allowing her spirit to actually leave her body during those final moments. She insisted to me that she felt no pain or suffering, and pleaded with me to ease his mind. I could see an amazing peace overcome my client as he finally gained comfort, and understanding of how our spirits are shielded from trauma.

I know from this experience and many others that while we are concerned with the suffering of our loved ones, we don’t have to carry the painful knowledge that they experienced it. I know for a fact that I’m shown these messages to share them with you now, so we can focus on the beautiful lives they lived and not their final moments.