Escape from Suffering

A sobering reality of this mortal experience we’re sharing is physical pain, suffering, and ultimately death. Around the world we see this tragic scene played out before our eyes as loved ones deteriorate, or innocent lives are claimed through the cruel and callous actions of others. Many ask the question, “Why would a loving creator allow such suffering to unfold on a large scale?” The truth is in fact beautiful, and comforting to those who seek understanding and enlightenment beyond this spiritual plane.

It has been said that the spirit detaches from the body during or leading up to traumatic events. In fact, this is absolutely true! Our spirits actually do leave our bodies before tragic events. This often happens moments before a person’s body actually dies. Because God loves us, he doesn’t allow us to feel the pain or suffering in the events leading up to our death.

Throughout my life I have had the sacred privilege of working with people who have lost loved ones, leading to a deeper understanding of how God works. One event I remember particularly well was with a client who had lost his mom. It had been years since she had passed, from a violent rape and murder. As you can imagine, he had endured constant pain and mourning over the course of several years since his mother’s death.

During our time together, his mom shared a message with me about the events surrounding her death. In her words, she described the miraculous events which took place, allowing her spirit to actually leave her body during those final moments. She insisted to me that she felt no pain or suffering, and pleaded with me to ease his mind. I could see an amazing peace overcome my client as he finally gained comfort, and understanding of how our spirits are shielded from trauma.

I know from this experience and many others that while we are concerned with the suffering of our loved ones, we don’t have to carry the painful knowledge that they experienced it. I know for a fact that I’m shown these messages to share them with you now, so we can focus on the beautiful lives they lived and not their final moments.

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