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The past few weeks have been filled with amazing events. I have been able to meet so many new people and have new experiences. Last month I had the chance to host my first Angel Retreat in the beautiful snowy mountains of Utah! Nine incredible women from various states including Arizona, California, and Texas, came to spend three days and four nights. It was an unforgettable experience to share with such amazing women. We knew right away that we were there to grow and learn from each other.

The retreat began with an introduction to my past and an offer view of what the retreat is going to entail. The first day we went through angels 101 which explains basic information about angels, The purpose of angels and how to recognize all of them anyways angels are helping us in our daily lives. As we progressed through day two we began to dive deeper into the rest of the workshops. “Empowering You” is a series of seven classes focusing on the power of divine guidance, learning to trust your intuition, speak your truth and connect with your power and your purpose.

During this retreat, we were also very blessed to have my sweet friend and chef, Jolynn, cook the most delicious food for us, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus dessert). So very grateful for her! The entire experience was amazing. We created friendships that will last a lifetime and learned powerful life lessons. My heart will never be the same!

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I am currently developing an online course to be released soon that will cover “Angels 101″ and the complete “Empowering You” series. This will be available for purchase online and you will be able to access the course content anytime. This will allow me to help so many more people by sharing and teaching the messages of angels with all of you.

This past weekend, I was blessed to be a featured speaker at Oneness For Human Triumph, hosted by @ONE in Sedona, Arizona. Over 12 well renowned and influential speakers from around the world shared their life experiences. It was inspiring to hear so many real-life stories that have impacted so many lives and continue to spread the message of unconditional love. Some of the topics discussed were about near-death experiences and messages from the other side. The audience was very curious about what I had to say, especially during my individual classes and breakout sessions. I had an amazing time connecting with so many new and kind people and experiencing the love of all the angels and everyone there. Please read more Angel Stories. Also, please see more about my Events, as I will be traveling to speak in Scotland in coming months.

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I am excited to participate in more events throughout the year and plan future Angel Retreats! I would love to see you there! Best wishes and love as always!

– Michell Powers

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