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Michell Powers is a spiritual teacher who has happily dedicated her life to creating sacred spaces for those who are ready to dive deep in their own healing journey.

She brings a unique approach to spirituality in an accessible, grounded way. She provides cutting edge concepts and tools to reawaken your innate intuition and unblock the conscious limitation to connect you to your greater purpose and manifest your dreams.

Michell has always had a deep understanding that our body has the ability to heal itself. In 2011, she finally answered the call of her soul and began taking classes to become certified in the many healing modalities. Within 5 years she was a certified Life coach, a Grief counselor, a Reiki Master, a certified Doula, a Breath Work Coach and Shamanic healer.

Michell is passionate about combining energy medicine and spiritual coaching tools in harmony with her ability to communicate with angels all around us. With her unique combination of gifts and knowledge, she has connected many others to their spiritual gifts and assisted in strengthening their connection with heaven.

Michell enjoys using her gifts to bring more light and love into the world and empower those around her. Through inspiring classes, online courses, and relaxing Hawaii retreats, you will receive the guidance you need to begin your new awakened journey!

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