This is the Place

Heaven is here! Heaven surrounds us on earth, and all the angels and spirits that ever were are here surrounding us. They admire many of the same things we admire.

Several years back, my husband, myself, and a couple of our friends headed up to a local monument here in Utah. I had told them about some of my angelic friends that I had often seen at that monument before.

The property surrounding the monument had a large home on it that was a sort of museum. I particularly loved visiting the home, as it had spectacular views that I really enjoyed. However, when we arrived the building, we discovered it had just closed. My husband was disappointed, so we walked along the porch that wrapped around the outside and peeked in the windows.

As we returned the front steps and began to descend, my husband said, “I guess we missed out; let’s go.” But then I then told him about the two angels just to the left of us on the porch. He and our friends were so excited; they wanted to know why the angels were there. The two angels told me they had both lived in the home at different points in the past. One was a woman who had been married to the gentleman who once owned the home, and the other had been a caretaker for the home. The angels enjoyed spending time there and told me they were admiring the lovely view that looked out over the whole Salt Lake Valley.

We stayed there for quite a while, and we all asked them several more questions about their pasts. The angels could hear my friends’ questions, and I, in turn, could communicate the angels’ responses.

For me, the most important part concerning this experience was learning about how we do take things with us when we depart our physical bodies. We take our spirit and all the knowledge it contains into the afterlife. As angels, we love and admire the same things we loved on earth.

Have you ever felt or seen angels around admiring the same things you admire? Feel free to post your story in our comments below or to email us at healing@michell-backup.local so we can feature it for others to read on our blog page (with your permission, of course).

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