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Michell Powers brings a unique approach to spirituality in an accessible, grounded and applicable way. She provides cutting edge concepts and tools to reawaken your innate intuition and unblock the conscious limitation to connect you to your greater purpose and manifest your dreams.

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I am so grateful for Michell and her many talents in energy work. When I come for sessions I can feel the tension and stress pouring out of me as soon as we begin to work. By the end of the session I feel lighter, centered, and mentally clear. In each session with Michell, I have felt, understood and was given insightful instruction on how to continue to clear limiting beliefs and work towards greater peace. I am incredibly excited that she is launching this website and I cannot wait to learn more for myself through her teaching.


Michell is intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, & wise in her personalized application of various healing modalities. I have met & visited with a variety of energy workers over the past 8 years and Michell is one of the most talented & well balanced. It is refreshing to work with Michell as she is trustworthy & is living the life of a committed disciple of Christ. Whether a first experience or seasoned veteran of energy work, I highly recommend investing the time to get to know Michell & receive of the spiritual gifts she has so diligently cultivated. I am grateful know her & I will continue to recommend her to friends and family.

Skyler R.

This class is a great way to learn the different ways people can recognize the Spirit in their lives. I enjoyed the different exercises to connect with my soul and the souls of others. We all have spiritual gifts and can learn to develop them more and share them with others.


This last year I have been searching for a stronger connection with my soul and a higher power. This workshop helped me see more clearly the ways my heavenly team communicates with me and how eagerly they want to help me. Michell is amazing and it was so powerful to learn about trusting our own intuition.


My Name is Matilde. I am originally from Mexico. I have had two sessions with Michell. The reason I met with her was because I have had a very rough time getting myself together. I have had bad moments when I couldn’t sleep due to my depression. After meeting with Michell, I was able to sleep and I felt more positive about myself. She has helped me to understand that things happen for a reason and that we have something to learn from each individual who comes to our lives. The outcomes from meeting with Michell that I like the most are:

1) I now know how to leave behind my burdens
2) I understand that I am a human being and therefore, I am not perfect and others aren’t either.

I am currently in the process of healing and there is a long way to go, but I am ready to do it.


This class was outstanding! It gave me deeper understanding of several things that I have struggled with. I have consistently had challenge with confidence when it comes to whether or not my channeled information is ego or from a spiritual source. As I did a few of the exercises with Michell it became a whole lot more clear to me. This was a huge breakthrough for me. It gave me confidence and trust with my personal meditation process and made me realize that I can receive the information I need. I would recommend this class to anyone with the desire to tap into their higher self, their spirit guides and angels.


Michell has an amazing healing ability and is able to help calm me with the stresses and uncertainties of life. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that is looking to heal and to learn!


There was a time in my life where all my light was lost. I found myself alone, in an extremely toxic and abusive environment and my life was shattered. Not knowing exactly how to pick up all the pieces I set out on a journey to remember who I was. Michell came into my life just as I started that journey. I was a bit skeptical but after our first session, but I felt something that kept me coming back. Through the next year, Michell helped me find and unleash the light that always existed inside of me. She reminded me of my greatness and put me back on my path. For that I will always think of her as an angel!!