Angel Messages

Love is the source of all our power and of everything we need and desire. If we block love we block everything.
God and our Angels are constantly pouring love upon us. Let the love in!

God knows who you really are. You are a powerful spirit having a human experience! Follow your Divine Guidance and your needs will always be met.

Everything in nature has the ability to renew itself. You are a part of the world, so you also have the ability to renew. Often times healing needs to occur inside before it can manifest on the outside. Focus on what you love in your life and let go of what is not serving you. See in your mind the solution to what you want and desire, be patient and love yourself through the process. God and your angels are loving you and supporting you every day. Nature is one of our greatest healers, so spend time in the mountains, soak up the rays of sunshine, and dance in the rain.

Your life is a spiritual voyage. There have been no wrong turns. There is a deeper meaning to your life‘s journey than what appears on the surface. Even when you are going through hard times, if you allow yourself to feel it, you will know you are always seen, loved, and cherished by God and your angels!

In silence, you will find your sacred witness. It is the dwelling place of the soul. Your spirit loves truth. In peace and silence, you can discover your truth. Surrender to stillness. Go inward. Resist the temptation to feel anxious or overwhelmed. Your power is born in silence. Seek solitude. Feel the peace and love all around you. Listen to your inner voice and awaken your inner wisdom. Your spirit is powerful and wise and directly connected to God and your Angels!

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