Angel Messages

Even if the road your on right now is difficult, have faith in God’s miracles!☀️Watch for miracles and pray for miracles in your life! Sending you all love today!?Comment “Amen” if your praying for miracles in your life!

Today’s Angel Message:? There is a wellspring of power within you! Inner power is found through contemplation, reflection, and meditation. Sometimes it comes from times of growth and change. Other times it is discovered from surviving and conquering a painful situation. You are more powerful than you know! •
Today I hope you can take some time to look back on your past and recognize your hard work and strength. And give thanks to all those who have gone before us and paved the way!
Happy Labor Day!

Today’s Angel Message:? Don’t ever give up! No matter how big your challenges are, I promise you, you are here for a reason! You have an incredible mission to fulfill! You are surrounded with love. Your Angels believe in you! God believes in you! Take a moment right now to feel the love all around you and tap into your inner strength!  Comment “Amen” below if you believe! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Today’s Angel Message: Let go and let God. Your life is divinely guided. Letting go can heal the need to be in control. Now is the time to surrender. Allow God to give you direction and inspiration. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Call on your Angels! Help is all around you! Open your heart and let it in!? Comment “Amen” in the comments below if this message speaks to you!?

WE’RE ALL JUST WALKING EACH OTHER BACK HOME” (An inspiring poem) ~Ram Dass & Paul Gorman

Waves of this world
Roll through my soul.
Climbing up to the clouds,
I finally see my home.
Oh no,
I don’t know.
There’s so much to know.
This is a story untold.
I want to watch it unfold.
Your memory
Clings to my soul.
Your too strong
To let go.
I want to listen to your story;
It’s one,
I already know.
I keep putting this book down.
I keep picking it up
Over and over.
Again and again.
I can’t give it up.
I’ll never give up
On you,
My friend.
Tell me about life again.
I want to go home
One more time.
Just this time.
Somehow I know
I’ll see you again.
It’s written in the sky.
And if you read
Between these lines,
You’ll know too;
Our home depends not on
Place or time.
Home is Love.
Home is Life.
Home is a state of mind.

What does “Home” mean to you?

Please share your thoughts, insights and healing words. Share this poem with someone who might appreciate its message. Let’s walk each other back home with LOVE and Care!


I am truly a witness that God sends his Angels to watch over us and lift our heavy burdens everyday, especially during hard times. Our loved ones are very much involved in our
daily lives.?
•This is one of my favorite paintings! The artist is Daniel F. Gerhartz titled “Hind’s Feet.” The description says: The scriptures mention in several places that God will give us “hind’s feet” meaning the feet of a deer who can climb over uncertain terrain to high places. The artist wanted to depict that God sends Angels to lift our heavy burdens and help us during difficult and uncertain times. We are truly surrounded by Angels in our daily life!?

(Take a moment. Close your eyes and feel the love all around you!)

Comment “Amen” if you believe!

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