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Do Angels Have Wings?

I talk a lot about angels and how they are not up in the sky; angels are here on earth surrounding us. After explaining this, I am often asked if […]

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Angel Retreat & Events

The past few weeks have been filled with amazing events. I have been able to meet so many new people and have new experiences. Last month I had the chance […]

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Angels Honor Sunrise

Angels spend time honoring each new day just as many of us do. During a recent vacation to Hawaii, I took a short walk down to the beach just before […]

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How Angels Rush In

Angels are surrounding us and they want to help us; all we have to do is ask. The help these angels provide can be instant, no matter where we are […]

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At Home With an Angel

Our deceased friends and loved ones can often help us. Many years ago, after 5 years of marriage, we moved in ​to a fairytale home. It was made all of […]

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This is the Place

Heaven is here! Heaven surrounds us on earth, and all the angels and spirits that ever were are here surrounding us. They admire many of the same things we admire. Several years back, my husband, myself, and a couple of […]

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A Native American Chief Angel

Oftentimes, when spirits show themselves to me, they have some pretty interesting ways of getting my attention. This was certainly the case when I once saw a spirit riding a […]

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The Healing Power of Pets

Did you know our pets do more than cheer us up? They can help us heal! I have witnessed the healing power of pets through countless family, friends and loved […]

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Escape from Suffering

A sobering reality of this mortal experience we’re sharing is physical pain, suffering, and ultimately death. Around the world we see this tragic scene played out before our eyes as […]

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