Angel Messages

Today’s Angel Message: You are the Light and you come from the Light. You illuminate the world. Remember who you are! Now is the time to shine and remember who you are and where you came from. You are Light! You are Love! You are Eternal! Leave an ☀️Amen☀️ in the comments if you agree!

Today’s Angel Message: ?Breathe and breathe again; deeply and often. Everything is in perfect harmony. Serenity is not something you have to attain, or search for. It already dwells within you. To experience this within yourself: simplify your life, spend time in nature and take time to listen to the messages of your soul. Peace transcends fear and illusion of separation and instantly connects you to God and your angels!
Please leave an☀️Amen☀️in the comments if you agree!

Aloha! ? The magic happens when incredible people gather together. My Hawaii Retreat was truly a life changing experience for me. I never wanted our time together to end. It was a perfect blend of spiritual enlightenment and amazing island adventures. We learned how to have a stronger connection with God, trust our intuition, and speak our truth. We learned more about the power of love and rediscovered our spiritual gifts and our purpose, as we basked in Hawaiian bliss!☀️? ? I love you guys! ?

Today’s Angel Message?Rise above all of your fears, doubts and worries. Look at your life from a new perspective full of faith, hope and joy! Believe in yourself. Have faith in miracles. Count your blessings. Ask for Angels to help you in your daily life?
Type “Amen” if you believe in miracles!

Today’s Angel message: ?Believe in the power of love! Learn to give love and accept love. Look for the good in everyone. Love is the strongest power in the universe. Just for today; try to love a little more, forgive and show gratitude! Please type ?Amen? if you believe love can heal the world!

Angels are all around us watching over us, and protecting us. They can communicate with us through visitations, a voice, a thought, a feeling, impressions and many other ways. Angels help us in our daily lives far more than we realize. Do you believe Angels help you everyday??
Type “Amen” if you believe!

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