Angel Messages

Don’t ever give up! Even when times are hard, try to have faith in God’s plan. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and heaven is cheering us on every day!?

? Today’s Angel Message: Eternal love flows through you. There is nothing you need to do to deserve this love. Who you are right now is enough. All of your life experiences are part of a spiritual journey towards the realization that we are all love. God is love and so are you!?

This beautiful piece of artwork is by Teresa Kogut. The inspiration for this painting came from her favorite scripture Psalms 91:11, which reminds us that God sends his Angels to guard and watch over us everyday.???

Where did your ancestors come from? What were their hopes and dreams? Was the path they chose difficult? ?

Today, I read stories recorded by my ancestors. They believed in God and Jesus Christ and they were not afraid to stand up for their beliefs! They went through very difficult times. Some struggled with poverty, health issues and broken hearts. But their strong faith carried them through difficult times. I am so proud of my families legacy! ✨

Where is your path taking you? What will be your legacy? ?



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