Angel Messages

Release relationships that do not empower you! Surround yourself with people who lift you up and remind you of who you really are. You are amazing and you have so much to offer this world. You are always seen, loved, and cherished by God and your Angels! ? ❤️

? Today’s Angel Message: Breathe deeply. Everything is in perfect harmony. Serenity is not something that you have to attain or search for. It already dwells within you. To experience this within yourself simplify your life, spend time in nature, pray, meditate and take time to listen to the messages you receive. Peace transcends fear and illusion of separation and instantly connects you to God and your Angels. ??

? Today’s Angel Message:
Every experience that you have ever had, even the experiences that have been difficult, allowed you to advance on your SPIRITUAL PATH. There were no wrong experiences. Everything has that has occurred in your life has been part of the divine plan for your spiritual growth. If only you could see yourself as those in the spirit realm do, you would know how remarkable you truly are! ?

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing hard-working, incredible loving fathers out there and all of those watching over us from heaven! Today take the time to love, forgive and show gratitude to the father figures in your life! I am beyond grateful for two Amazing men in my life! My dad and my husband are two of the hardest workers and the most fun guys I know! Thank you for all you have given me. ?

We are all here on this beautiful planet trying to figure out our life purpose and why we are here. I have learned that one of the most powerful truths is that we all have the same life purpose! We are here to learn how to love with unconditional love. We are not here to judge, tear each other down, or point out our differences! We are here to love! We are learning to love others and receive love. It’s all about Love and feeling as One. Any other purpose we can fulfill, only adds to this amazing journey we call life. ?

Today’s Angel ? Message: Love is the greatest Healing Power in the universe!?

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