Angel Messages

Wow! The Power of Sisterhood!❤️ We are very blessed to have met these beautiful, strong, courageous women at our Mind Body Soul Retreat! It’s amazing what can happen when women come together with open hearts and love and support for each other. It was truly a weekend of learning and growth as we focused on trusting our intuition, discovering our souls purpose, healing from the inside out, discovering inner peace and our personal power! Keep shining beautiful women, the world needs your light☀️
Thank you to all the incredible guest speakers, musicians and volunteers who helped make this retreat so powerful! @livetrue44@yoga_with_tori
Etsuko Chitister, Leilani Numbers, Kade Beus, Iris Cox & Ryan and Emily Miller! We Love and appreciate you all so much!
Love, Michell Powers & Kristen Morris @kristencarol5 •
If you’re interested in joining our Mini online retreat (for men and women) please message me below or DM me!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day???

Today’s Angel Message: Within you is great strength and courage. You don’t need to climb the highest mountain or dive in the deepest sea to find your inner strength. It is within you now! Take a moment today to sit in silence and reconnect with your inner wisdom and power?
Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow & forever!
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