Angel Messages

❤️Words cannot express the love and gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to speak at such a powerful event by @thewholenessnetwork with incredible people focused on bringing more light and love into this world! Thank you for the amazing support from @kristencarol5 @jefferycolsen @robintheheartwhisperer @mechellewingle @nachoarimany @alexboye4 @jeff.odriscoll @wmpaulyoung @lesliewatkinslifecoach @livetrue44 @rmbarker99 @bridgetcookburch
Elise Allred, and so many more!
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Today’s Angel Message: As you continue on your path, trust in God’s plan for you. Be open to receive the gifts of the universe! There is nothing to fear, so allow yourself to shine and receive all of blessings pouring into your life!?

Comment “ Amen” below if your ready to shine and receive all the love surrounding you❄️

?Today I’m celebrating my 40th birthday by doing 40 Random acts of kindness! ❤️

First, I’m doing a 30% discount for my Amazing Mind Body Soul Retreat March 8th & 9th here in Utah, one month from today! This woman’s retreat is focused on helping women rediscover their power, their purpose and their truth! Learn how to use powerful tools that will help you create permanent changes in your life! Do you feel the call for much needed change in your life? Click the link in my bio and sign up before it’s full! This 30% discount will go from Now until Valentine’s Day???
I’ll see you there!!!

Are you willing to join me in doing random acts of kindness today? Smile at a stranger today, hold the door for someone, text a loving message to someone in need . . . . the list goes on and on! Let’s spread the love today?

Comment “YES” below if your willing to join me today! Love you guys?

Today’s Angel Message: ☀️Prosperity is your birthright and you hold the key to more abundance, in every area of your life!

Comment “Amen” below if you believe prosperity is your birthright!

God never leaves us alone and never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face. 

Today’s Angel Message: 
You came here to shine!!! You illuminate the world! Remember who you are. No one can dim your light. Now is the time to shine and remember who you are and where you came from! You are light! You are love! And you came here to change the world!☀️?

Comment “Amen” below if you’re ready to shine!?
Sending you Love!


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