Anything is possible with a direct connection to your soul

Michell Powers brings a unique approach to spirituality in an accessible, grounded and applicable way. She provides cutting edge concepts and tools to reawaken your innate intuition and unblock the conscious limitation to connect you to your greater purpose and manifest your dreams.

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Learn how to connect with your angels through online courses

Intro to Angels

In this free introductory course you will learn about the different types of angels that are always watching over us. You will also learn about the different ways you can receive messages, and how you can prepare yourself to better receive these messages.
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Angels 101

Angels 101 is a beautifully designed introduction to angels. Michell shares commissioned art and unique insights, giving you a glimpse into how she has seen and heard angels since she was a small child.

Each of us is divinely gifted with tools to connect to our angels. In this course, Michell introduces you to the different kinds of angels and guides you in understanding your own gifts to connect with their higher understanding.
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Improve your Intuition

Have you ever received a message from the divine but second guessed it? Have you ever felt like you have spoke to someone telepathically? Our souls are connected and our intuition is the key to unlocking these messages and the good news is we all have intuitive ability whether you know it or not. The better news is I can show you what it is that you have, how it works and how to improve it. This course is complete with exercises, meditations, and tools that will unlock your full intuitive potential.
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Self-Love Bundle

Learn how to discover your angel messages and communicate with your angels from Michell Powers. Bundle includes Intuition Workshop, where you will learn about the potential of your intuition, and how to improve it.

You’ll discover the keys to unlocking the messages that angels are actively sending. This bundle comes complete with exercises, meditations, and tools that will help you to unlock your full intuitive potential.
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