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Exploring The Human Journey: Angel Communication

Michell sits down with Dave Marsh, host of the podcast "Exploring The Human Journey" and discusses angel communication and how they give messages of hope and love to people around the world. Our loved ones, guides and angels are always with us and help us as we navigate through life. Find out more by watching and listening to this exclusive interview podcast.

Depression Guidance From Angels

On the 10 year anniversary of her brother's passing, Sara shares how she stays connected to her brother, and he shares what was going on in his mind during the events leading up to his passing.

Reconnecting With Lost Loved Ones

Guest and friend Mechelle lost her mom at a young age and sought support and advice from Spiritual Intuitive Michell Powers on ways to reconnect with her mom. Now, years later, she describes the benefits of learning from Michell and what she has gained.

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